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Surakai Dosai /Bottle gaurd dosa

Just to share with you…………

I have heard that surakkai/sorakkai is very good during pregancy days if the pregnant lady has swelling on his legs.  People always make sambar or kolumbu or kotu out of suraikkai.  But the intake of surakkai will be less if we take in the form of curry veriety.   But, when they take this surakkai dosai they will be able to eat more quantity of the vegetable.   This is so simple, easy to make and delicious one.

Sorakkai dosa

bottlegaurd dosa




1.  Sorakkai – 1 cup ( peeled and cutted)
2.  green chilli -3
3.  Raw rice -1/2 cup
4.  Idli rice -1/2 cup


1.  Put both the rice in bowl and soak it in water atleast for 2 hours.
2.  Then grind rice with surakkai, chilli and needed salt either in grinder or mixie.
3.  Keep the grinded mixture aside atleast for 1 hour. (if you are in a hurry you can use it immediately)
4.  Make dosa with the batter and serve hot with coconut chutney.


I have given the very plain methd of making surakai/sorakkai dosa.   You can make rich looking dosa by adding finely chopped onions, curry leaves and corriander leaves.

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