Ani’s Kids Recipe,South Indian samayal & Tips!


Indian Cuisine is as diverse as Indian culture itself. Each type of Indian cuisine embodies the region it is associated with. From the pulavs/breads of the North West region, to the coconut chutneys of the tropical South – there is a dish and flavour for every palate.


Here in this recipe site I am concentrating only on south Indian recipes especially TamilNadu recipes. I am proudly presenting my recipes as Tamilar samayal. The reason behind is I am from South India , TamilNadu. In Tamilnadu itself you can find a lot of difference in the cooking deponding on the area where we are.  My Native is Madathukulam which is in coimbatore district. So my way of cooking depicts the Kongu region recipe (Kongu mandala samayal).


You may find my samayal is not exactly the same as Coimbatore recipe or Coimbatore Samayal because the in my college days only I showed  my interest in cooking  different varieties. I was in Trichy that time . I used to get recipes from my Trichy friends, Neyveli friends etc.  After Marriage I was in chennai for sometime and there I found  Chennai recipes is different from Coimbarote Recipes.  Now I am in US so I have customized my samayal/ recipes. But if you deeply look into it the Base  for my Samayal is my area Coimbatore , TamilNadu.


Our South Indian Recipes section contains recipes of traditional South Indian cuisines. Rice and coconut are extensively used in South Indian dishes. South Indian food is very spicy and is a brilliant blend of flavors, colors, seasoning, nutritional balance, fragrance, taste, and visual appeal. Try our delectable South Indian recipes.