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Samayal Arai

Welcome to My Kitchen. My kitchen what we call as “EN SAMAYAL ARAI” (En=mine samayal=cooking arai=room) in Tamil is very simple. I mean to say if you have basic ingredients like chilli powder, turmeric powder, corriander powder ,salt, onion and tomato you can try out most of my recipes. We are trying to give our best with the ingredients available.


Now I remember the song “ UN SAMAYAL ARAIYIL UPPA ? SARKARIYA?. No matter what you have you can always try something with those in kitchen. If I have uppu (salt) make some salty foods. If you have sarkarai (sugar) than try our some sweets.


I always try to make things simple. That why my ingredients are simple also my cooking. If the kitchen is the heart of a home, then my kitchen is where I am with family and friends who cook with me and eat the food we fix.Here at My Kitchen , I  provide fresh, natural, simply good meals that appeal to all palates.  Because I believe food doesn’t have to be complicated to be extraordinary. 


What is Foodbrone illeness?

 Foodborne Illness or Foodborne Disease are terms used when a disease or injury occurs as a result of eating a contaminated food. Contaminated foods are foods in which microorganisms are present and will grow, or foods which merely serve as a carrier for a microbial agent, virus or toxin.


How to prevent Foodbrone disease?

 Proper food handling practices in the home can help prevent foodborne illnesses. Homemakers should examine their kitchen environment for hazards and they can do this only if they are aware of foodborne hazards. A hazard is a source of danger. It is a place where food safety problems can begin if foods are not properly handled.


What we should do?

 Whatever you like to eat better try or make it in you kitchen/ Samayal arai. If you are making then you know the quality. If you are taking food outside somehow they will make it tastier but I sure that you won’t get quality food there. Say for example for frying they use the same oil repeatedly for many times. For a change may be once a month or so have food outside and avoid as much as possible.