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Kuchikezhangu Chips

First of all I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. This is my first post in 2013.

Tapioca Chips popularly called as kuchikezhangu or Maravalli Kilangu chips is a very crunchy chips which can me made easily. This could be a best alternate for Potato Chips. The term “Tapioca” is used to represent the root of the plant Cassava.

In Tamil Nadu, tapioca is cultivated more in the districts of Erode, Namakkal and Salem. In Tamil Nadu, there are many tapioca processing units called “sago factories”. A large number of tapioca industries are found in Attur Taluk, Salem District. Salem City has a marketing center for the sago (known as javvarisi).

My Husband asked me many times why can’t I try Kuchikezhangu chips. Since the Kilangu is very thick and strong I thought I won’t be able to slice it. Finally on Christmas day I tried it. It is not that hard as I thought and the chips was too good. Here is the recipe for you.

Kuchikezhangu Chips

Kuchikezhangu Chips


1. Kuchikezhangu
2. Oil for frying
3. little salt and chilli powder


1. Peel the skin of the Tapioca.
2. Slice it using slicer (any shape).
3. Put the slices one by one and deep fry in hot oil. It will take some time for frying. When it turns brown and if you hear crunchy sounds while turning the chips then that is the right time to take out the chips form the oil. Put the chips on paper so that extra oil is removed.
4. Sprinkle little salt and chilli powder and toss well. Very crunchy and yummy chips is ready.


If you are a pepper lover instead of chilli powder you can sprinkle some pepper powder.  Instead of slicing you can cut into thin strips and fry in oil.

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