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Kovai samayal / coimbatore recipe

About coimbatore:


Coimbatore is the third largest city in Tamilnadu, with a population of more than 15 lakhs. There are more than 30,000 tiny, small, medium and large Industries and Textile Mills. The City is known for its entrepreneurship of it’s residents. The climate is comfortable round the year, so it is called poor Man’s Ooty

How comes the name Coimbatore?


The City is situated on the banks of the river Noyyal.  Coimbatore existed even prior to the 2nd Century AD as a small tribal village capital called Kongunad until it was brought under chola control in the 2nd and 3rd Century AD by Karikalan, the first of the early cholas. The other great rulers of this city were the Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas, Pandyas, Hoysalas and the Vijayanagara Kings. The small Village was also named as “Covanputhur” after the leader of this group, whose name was “Covan. According to the “Cholan Poorva Pattayam” in the Madras Oriental Manuscript Library this Covan puthur later changed as Coimbatore. When Kongunad fell to the British along with the rest of the state, it’s name was changed to Coimbatore and it is by this name that is known today, except in tamil, in which it is called Kovai.

Wealth of Coimbatore:


The rich black soil of the region has contributed to Coimbatore‘s flourishing agriculture industry and, it is in fact, the successful growth of cotton has served as a foundation for the establishment of its famous textile industry There are more than 25,000 small, medium, large-scale industries and textile mills. Coimbatore is also famous for the manufacture of motor pump sets and varied engineering goods, due to which it has earned the title “Detroit of the South” . The development of Hydro electricity from the Pykara Falls in the 1930s led to a cotton boom in Coimbatore. The result has been a strong economy and a reputation as one of the greatest industrial city in South India.

Coming to Recipe side:

Hope I might have brought some idea about coimbatore in you. Let us come to our area now, which is Coimbatore Recipes or Kovai recipes.  In covai recipe ,for most of the recipes we used to make masala by grinding onion,tomato,coconut,coriander seeds etc. There is not much frying concept like in chenni. People in Chennai used to fry tomato,onion ,ginger garlic past and finally  adding some masala powder .  Each recipe has its unique taste I am just describing the major difference I have seen.


Also coimbatore district has lots of agricultural area and lots of villages. Some special, unique recipes made of different types of grains ,dhals (dals) are coimbatore speciality recipes eg; Kadancha kollu  (horsegram)  which is not widely used grain in other parts of TamilNadu for cooking.


Lot more we can discuss. Instead of doing why can we straightaway go to our recipes and try some of it.


Bye for now.