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Chipotle Guacamole Recipe

Guacamole is an avocado based sauce that originated with the Aztecs in Mexico. In addition to its use in modern Mexican cuisine it has also become part of American cuisine as a dip, condiment and salad ingredient. It is traditionally made by mashing ripe avocados with molcajete (mortar and pestle) with sea salt. Some recipes call for tomato, onion, garlic, lime juice, chili, yogurt and/or additional seasonings.

The very first food I tasted after coming to US is Chipotle Burrito recipe.  When I came to US my husband was working for IBM Client (NAV International) located Springfield, OHIO. My hubby took me to Chioptle. Our friend Ashik Kelghi was also with us. Ashok and Muruga started eating but I felt shy to wide open my mouth and eat because of the size. I struggled for sometime and finally I used Fork and started eating holding burrito like bowl /container. I am not aware of Burrito bowl also that time.

So far I haven’t any come across anybody who doesn’t love Burrito. Now a days because of my daughter I started making it at home. Though I can’t make 100% perfect when compared to Chipotle’s burrito it comes close to 70-80%.

Before my marriage my brother Krish anna visited me from Chennai and since Kodaikkanal is close to my native (2 hrs) he visited Kodai hills and while coming back he bought bag full of avacado’s. Since we are not aware fo such fruit me and my mom asked him what was that. He said that it is “Butter fruit” and we can eat that and he gave me one to try. I didn’t try butter fruit that time. After coming to US, almost in all the shops I could see avacado’s and also found out that  many varities of dips can be found using avacodo’s.

1. Avocados – 2
2. Jalapeno pepper  – 1/2 of a seeded and minced
3  Red onion – 1/4  finely chopped
4  Cilantro handful
5. lime – 1/4
6. Salt


1. Combine all of the ingredients into a bowl, and mash together until smooth.
2. Add additional lime juice or salt to taste. For extra spicy guacamole, you can leave in the jalepeno seeds.

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