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Children’s Recipe / Kids Special

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Being a Mom I know how though is that to feed the kids. Feeding kids and babies is the toughest job as far as I know. It may take half an hour or more to feed them . Many times we get frustrated with this job. But being mom we can just leave them if they say ‘no’ to food. We have to try out many different varities and different ways to feed them. So in my Kids cornder you can find some useful tips, some kids meals,kids specials . Basically ou can finds all type of kids food her. Whatever my kids likes la lot mostly I have covered those things. So I hope this Children recipe will be helpful for you children too.

Most of the foods I have dicussed here are only  Indian Baby foods or Indian Kids recipe. Mostly the recipe sites deals with adults food but I want to dicuss some of the Kids recipes / childrens recipe here because Adults can adjust and eat any type of food but kids are not like that.  They will eat well only if they like the food.

Q: When baby is ready for Solids ?

A: Babies that are ready for solids can lift and support their own heads. They usually weigh at least 13 pounds and have often doubled their birth weights. They display curiosity about the world around them, following objects with their eyes and smiling at what they see.For most babies this readiness happens between 4 and 6 months old. You can start with biscuit soaked in milk, some gerber cereals or some indian stuffs like ceralac.

At after 6 th month you can start idli’s soaked in milk, rice and dhal cooked together and mashed well and stuffs like that. we can see in detail in recipe side.

After one year, you can give what all we eat . don’t grind anything in blender or mixie. cook for more whistles and mash with your hand and feed. This will helps in developing chewing habit.

Kids at 3 + years of age should basically follow the same principles of a healthy diet that adults should follow. They should eat a variety of foods from all the food groups. It’s especially important at this age that you set a good example for your children with your food choices and your attitude toward food.

As your child grows up, you have less and less control over what they eat. We can only help our kids develop good eating habits early on, and hope that they will stay with them. When your teen eats at home, take advantage of that time to get wholesome food into his or her body.

Letus go inside  and know some of the foods for kids at different stages. What all I have tried on my kid and got success I am going to dicuss with you.