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Baked idli fry

Just to share with you……..

As per my new year resolution I have to try new recipe and post it in my blog. I was so busy all day long and didn’t have time to try  anything. When I opened my refrigerator to grab things to prepare dinner I saw few left over idli’s.  So I googled to see whether I can make use of these left over Idli’s.  I came up with this.


1. left over idli’s

2. Idli powder (if not pinch of red chili powder)

3. pinch of salt

4. little oil


1. Cut the idli’s lengthwise into thick slices.

2. Add idli powder, salt and oil. Toss and coat all idli’s well.

3. Arrange it in baking tray and bake it  in 250 degree’s until idli’s turns crisp.

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