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Arbi / Arvi / Seppankizhangu / Colocasia / Taro Fry

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Arbi or sometimes called as Arvi is the Taro root vegetable. It is extensively used in south Asia. In the Indian state of kerala, it is widely used as a main staple or a side dish or as part of other dishes. In Gujarat, the leaves of Arbi is used to prepare another popular dish called “Patra” which consists of tamarind and other spices. In TamilNadu, it is called as seppankizhangu which is usually a dry roasted side dish.
It is cooked just like a potato but it’s skin is not edible. After peeling it’s skin, the vegetable could be used in a variety of ways to prepare dishes.The Arbi fry were crispy outside and soft and melt-in-your-mouth inside .Today, I will share my version of arbi which is kind of south Indian style .

Arby Fry / Seppakizhangu Fry

Arby / Seppankizhangu Fry



1. Arby
2. Turmeric powder
3. Red Chilli Powder
4. Salt
5. Oil for roasting may be 2 to 3 tsp


1. Pressure cook arbi with little salt in water until just done and not too mushy.  Remove it’s skin, cut into big round pieces and keep it aside.
2. Heat the oil in kadai.
3. Put the Arby pieces and add turmeric, redchilli powder and salt acoording to taste.
4. Keep in low or medium flame and cook until the outer sides becomes crispy and golden brown.


Peel the arby’s skin with knife and cut into round slices.  Put in Microwave safe bowl and add little water and salt.  Microwave it for 2 -3 mins until 75% is cooked. Then proceed with Step 2 and as follows.

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