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Just to Share with you……..

I have tried Badhusa few times before but it didn’t come out good. For last Diwali (2015) all my college friends in (whatsapp group) started sharing all the sweets they made. One of my friend Savi (Savitha)  gave me Badhusa recipe and it came out really good for me. Look and feel as well as taste came like store bought. I wanted to post that immediately but because of laziness I couldn’t do. I recollected and posting here.



1. Maida   –  2 cups
2. Baking soda  – 1/4 tsp
3. Melted Ghee & Oil  — 1/4 cup
4. Curd –  2 tbsp
5. Water to sprinkle and make the dough if needed only
6. Oil for deep  fry
7. Pista , almond or colored coconut gratings for garnishing

For sugar syrup

1. Sugar  -  1 cup
2. Water  -  1/2 cup
3. Lemon juice   – 1/4 tsp
4.  Saffron  few strands if you have



1. In a wide bowl add the ghee+ oil, baking soda and curd. Beat this well for 10 mins till they get incorporated very well.  Take  the flour in a wide bowl.

2. Add the beaten ghee curd mixture to the flour.

3. Mix this with your fingers and make it like a bread crumbs. Add sprinkle water and make it a soft and non sticky dough without any cracks. This is very important. If you knead the dough hard, the badushas will not be soft or flaky

4. Rest the dough for 30 minutes. Keep it covered.

5. Mean while make the sugar syrup by combining the sugar and water. Let it boil and form one string consistency.

6. Add lemon juice  to avoid crystallization and switch off.

7. Make  the dough into equal lemon sized balls. Take one ball and flatten it with your palm.

8. Make dent in the center with your thumb.

9. Fry in medium low flame till they turns nice brown colour. Never fry in a hurry, it will not get cooked inside.

10. Put it in the sugar syrup. Ensure that the syrup should be warm. Else you warm it for a minute and then put in the syrup. Let it stay till you fry the next batch. Take it out from the syrup and place it on a plate and decorate the way you want.




Always fry the badusha in a low heat. Else inside will not get cooked.

Do no add cooking soda more than the amount mentioned.

Vanaspati |dalda will give a fantastic texture to the badusha.

Always make the dough smooth and soft without any cracks.

While heating the oil, to check whether it is perfect,pinch a small piece of dough into it and when it raises immediately, the oil is hot. Switch off the flame and put the badushas into it.

Never over crowd the badushas into the oil.

If the dough is cracked the badushas will get cracked while frying.

You can add cardamom powder to the sugar syrup. If adding, just add a pinch.

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