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After a very long time (almost a year and a half after) I am positng this recipe. Birth of this recipe has a secret behind it. Two days before Dilwali I wanted to make some varieties of sweet for my husband. Coconut burfi is one among his favourities. For his Birthday I made this in a traditional way and it came out really good. After that I saw somewhere that coconut burfi can be made easily with the dry coconut from Indian store . So I thought of making coconut burfi using dry coconut. With that process I ended up with real good coconut ladoo instead of burfi.

Dry coconut powder – 14 oz packet
Sweetened Condensed Milk – 14 oz can
Cardamom powder – a pinch


1. Place a thick bottom kadai in stove. Kadai must be thick otherwise coconut will get burnt easily. You can use Indian pressure pans if you don’t have thick kadai.
2. Add the dry coconut and roast it well till nice aroma comes out. May be in a low flame for about 5-10 mins.
3. Add two cups of sugar to the coconut and mix well. (I used the rice cup given along with rice cooker).
4. Add the condensed milk into it  and mix well. All these should be done in slow flame otherwise cocount will be burnt.
5. Add cardamom powder to it and keep mixing for another 5-10 mins. Once everthing is mixed well and if yiou feel you can make nice balls out of it turn off the stove.
6. Cool it for sometime when it is warm enough to be handled then start making ladoos by pressing the mixture very well. This will yield you 30-35 ladoo’s of normal size.


To make this rich you can add roasted cashews or anynuts before turning of the stove.This is very quick but very rich sweet which needs minimal effort/work and can be done in 10-15 mins.

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