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Just to share with you…..

Many people in India (mostly south Indians) are great fans Biriyani. For most occasions and festivals Biriyani is the most often made recipe. Biryani is made using basmathi rice or seeraka samba rice (very small size rice commonly called as birayani rice by people).This recipe is made using lots of spices.

We all can cook Veg Birayani and Non-Veg Birayani’s. Yesterday when I was talking to my friend Monica she was telling me that she tried chicken birayani with pasta basically rice is substituted with pasta in the birayani and it came good. Today morning when I was thinking what to make for the breakfast suddenly i felt why we should not try Birayani out of Wheat Rava because my plan was to make wheat Rava upma. I tried out cooking Wheat Rava Birayani and the outoput was good.

It slightly diffent from Rava kitachadi which we make with Rava by adding vegetables. The difference is the addition of spices we use for Birayani.Wheat Rava Biryani is very good for diabetic and those who are on diet and also people who are not supposed to take the oily non-veg birayani. This biryani has very less oil and contains lots of vegetables.

Wheat Rava Birayani

rava birayani



1.  Wheat rava  -  1 cup
2.  Mixed vegetables  -  1 cup ( finely chopped or u can use frozen mixed vegetable)
3.  Small size Onion  -  1 (chopped)
4.  Small size tomato  - 1 (chopped)
5.  Bay leaf – 1
6. Cooking oil – 2  tsp
7. Curd  -  1/4  cup
8. Salt  -  as needed

For powder and paste

In mixie first dry grind the below ingredients:

1.  Cinnamon – 1 small piece
2.  Cloves – 2
3.  Cardamom -1
4.  Poppy seeds – 1/2 tsp

then add the following ingredients, sprinkle some water and grind everything into fine paste.

1. ginger-garlic paste  -  3/4 tsp
2. green chillies  - 2
3. coriander leaves  -  little
4. Mint leaves  -  little

Note:  You can do powder and paste seperately since for small quantity its just a speed up process.


1.  In a heavy bottomed pan, pour oil and add chopped onion, bay leaf and fry till it becomes soft.
2.  Add the grounded  paste and fry till the raw smell disappears.
3.  Add chopped tomato till it gets cooked.
4.  Add all the vegetables and fry for 5 minutes.
5.  Add wheat rava and fry for a while.
6.  Add  curd , 2 cups of water  and needed salt to taste
7.  Pressure cook the mixture or  you can cook in open pan (Allow one whistle to come and reamve the cooker from the stove).
8.  Serve hot with mixed raitha.


Use vegetables like carrot, beans, cauliflower, peas, pototes and capsicum.  Don’t any  watery vegetables.

Just to share with you…..

I still remember I tasted my very first cutlet with my friends in Neyveli which one of my favourite place too.   Though I lost contact with my Neyveli friends I always remember the days we spent together.  Hope if any of my friends browse this recipe will contact me. Cutlets are well known appetizer/Starter.  Itz simple ,healthy and easy to make.  Different color veggies are used.  Kids will love this since it won’t be too spicy.


1.  Carrot  - 4
2.  Potatoes  -  4
3.  Green Peas  -  1  cup
4.  Cumin seeds  -  1/4  tsp
5.  Onion  -  1
6.  Green chillies  -  5 to 6 (avoid this if making for kids)
7.  Ginger (very small piece)
8.  Red Chilli Powder
9.  Garam Masala powder
10.  Salt
11.  Coriander leaves  -  a small bunch
12.  Eggs  -  2
13.  Breadcrums  - as needed
14.  Oil to fry.


1.  Boil the potato and peel it and mash it with hand and keep aside.  Cook peas and chopped carrots separately.  When its done cool it mash it with hand.
2.  Heat the pan with 1 tsp of oil and cumin seeds.
3.  Add and fry chopped onions, chopped green chillies and finely chopped ginger, chilli powder and garam masala powder.
4.  Transfer the contents into bowl. To this add mashed potato, peas and carrot.
5.  Add the chopped corriander and curry leaves(optional).
6.  Add Salt and mix well . Care should be taken not even a drop of water is added at any time.
7.  Make ball out of this mixture, flatten and shape like cutlets by pressing and keep ready.
8.  Break the eggs in seperate bowl.  Dip the shaped cutlets in egg and roll them in bread crumbs.
9.  Heat flat bottomed pan or dosa tava with little oil and shallow fry this.
10.  When one side is done turn the other side and cook till both sides are brown.
11.  Serve with chutneys or Ketchups.

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