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Just to share with you…..

I got this from my  friend Kameshwari.  I used to make egg kulambu in the same way as my mutton curry without adding tamarind.  In my place we won’t use Puli/tamarind  for Nonveg recipes (except fish).  Once we went to our  friends palce for potluck (lunch) and we were there till dinner so she made egg curry that time. She told she will make egg kulumbu like kara kolumbu by adding tamarind extract and she prepared that recipe.   It was really nice.   You can try that too.   You try it You will like it.   She prepared with coconut milk .   I have given another version also without not which is without coconut milk.

Method 1 (with coconut)


1.  Egg – 6
2.  Onion – 1
3.  Tomato – 2
4.  Ginger/garlicpaste  -  1 tsp
5.  Tamarind  - lemon size
6.  Chilli powder – 1 tsp
7.  Corriander powder –  2  tsp
8.  Turmeric powder  -  1/4 tsp
9.  Sombu – 1/2 tsp
10. Curry leaves and corriander leaves
11. Coconut milk  -  1/2 cup ( as needed)


1.  Heat  2 tsp of oil in pan.  Splutter ani seeds (sombu) and curry leaves.
2.  Add finely chopped onion,  ginger/garlic paste and fry well.
3.  Now add the chopped tomato and  fry well.
4.  Add chilli powder, corriander powder and turmeric powder.
5.  Add puli water, salt and  boil till raw smell goes away.
6.  Add little coconut milk readily available in shops (if you don’t have grind 2 -3 tsp of grated coconut and add)
7.  When the gravy is boiling break egg and pour when it comes up, break another and pour.  Close and cook in slow heat for  5mins.   Don’t put spoons inside before the poured egg gets cooked.

Method 2 (with out coconut)


1.  Egg – 6
2.  Shallot onion – 10  (or)  big onion  – 1
3.  Tomato – 3
4.  Tamarind  - lemon size

For grinding

1.  peppercorns – 1 tsp
2.  chillipowder – 1 tsp
3.  garlic – 10
4.  sombu – 1/2 tsp
5.  jeera – 1 tsp


1.  Heat oil in pan.  Fry well finely chopped onions and tomato.
2.  Grind the ingredients given under grinding and add the grinded masala and turmeric powder.
3.  Add puli water,  salt and boil till raw smell goes away.
4.  When the gravy is boiling break egg and pour when it comes up break another and pour.
5.  Close and cook in slow heat for 5 mins.
6.  Garnish with coriander leaves.

Just to share with you…..

Samosa is my  favourite from my school days.  In my place when I was in school in the evening we can see lots of people selling puffs (not the vegpuff).  It is Samosa with fried onion filling inside.  I love it a lot than potato stuffing.  You can fry onion (cutted length wise) with little salt and chilli powder and can use as stuffing.  This is so simple and delecious stuffing.  But now we are going to see how to make samosa with potato filling.

Fried Samosa


Ingredients for Stuffing

1.  Potato – 2 (boiled and mashed)
2.  small size Onion – 1 ( finely chopped )
3.  Frozen peas  -  1/4 cup
4.  Vegetable oil  -  1 tsp
5.  Cumin seeds  -  1/4tsp
6.  Red chilli powder –  according to taste
7.  Turmeric powder –  little
8.  Garam masala  -  1/4tsp (littlemore than pinch)
9.  Lime juice  - few drops (3-4 drops)
10.  Salt – as needed.


1.  Heat the oil in a frying pan.  Add the cumin seeds, onion and fry well.
2.  Add the peas and cook until done.(just 2 -3 minsin enough)
3.  Now add mashed poatoes, chilli, turmeric and garam masala powders  and stir well until coated.
4.  Finally switch off the stove and add lemon juice and mix well.

Note: you can make any type of stuffing using different veggies, chicken, mutton but should not be watery.

Ingredients for Pastry

1.   All purposeflour or maida – 1cup
2.   salt a needed
3.  Vegetable oil-1ts
4.  Sooji (Rava) – 1 tsp
5.  Oil as needed


1.  Mix flour, salt, rava and  little oil (butter)  into a bowl. Mix well till crumbly.
2.  Add  water little by little, kneading into soft pliable dough.Cover with moist cloth and keep aside for 15-20 minutes. After that knead the dough on a floured surface until smooth and roll into a ball.
3.   Make small balls .  Roll  out into a circle .  Divide this circle into two equal pieces with a knife.

rolled batter


3.   Brush each edge with a little water and form a cone shape.



4.   Fill the cones with a stuffing  and press the two dampened edges together to seal the top of the cone.


5.  Deep fry the samosas in hot oil until crisp and brown take out and drain on a paper towel.


You don’t have to make your own pastry.   You can use the pastries  available in the frozen section

1.  For samosas you want to fry, use Filo Pastry.
2.  For samosas you want to cook in traditional oven use Puff Pastry.


Just to share with you…..

Mostly we prefer some fry as side dish when we have variety rices.  Many of us make potato fry which is default in most of our cooking.  Vegetable fries may be prepared using arby, plaintain etc.  Here is one form of shallow fried Plaintain/Rawbanana/Valakkai in south indian style.

 Valakkai /Rawbanana varuval



1.  Raw banana small size  - 2  or big size – 1
2.  oil as needed (may be 2-3 tsp)
3.  curry leaves as needed

For Grinding

1.  sombu –  1 tsp
2.  garlic pieces  – 3  (poondu pal not the full garlic)
3.  onion chopped  - 1 tsp (or smallonions/shallots -2)
4.  turmeric powder  -  1/2 tsp
5.  red chilli powder – 1 tsp
6.  salt as needed


1. Peel the skin of the raw banana and slice it into thick slices.
2  Grind all the ingredients (with little water) given under grinding.
3. Marinate the cutted raw banana in the grinded paste and keep it for 15 mins or more. If you are in hurry you can directly use the marinated stuff.
4.  Pour 2-3 tsp oil in kadai. Put curry  leaves and then the marinated plaintain.
5.  keep the stove in low heat and fry well until done.


If  you want you can sprinkle 1 tsp of rice flour and fry for sometime before switching off the stove.

Just to share with you…..

I had this rice for the first time in Rihalya’s (Brother’s daughter) first birthday party. We ordered food from outside. Capsicum rice was included in  the menu. I liked it a lot. I won’t use capsicum much in my cooking. Very rarely I use  this while frying chicken for fajita (Mexican food).South Indian Capsicum rice recipe is fast and flavorful dish. Easy to make recipe. I want to try out this recipe so I tried out  and it cameout Yummy!!! This is very simple and comes very handy when we have to pack lunch in the morning. It saves a lot of time. Try it out and enjoy. This can be great pot-luck dish.

Capsicum / Bell pepper/ Kudamilagai Rice




1.  Rice - 1 cup (Sona Masoori rice or basmathi rice)
2.  Capsicum – 1   (dice it)
3.  Onion  - 1 (chopped)
4.  Tomato – 1 (chopped)
5.  Oil /ghee  - 2  tsp
6.  Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp
7.  Urud dal and channdal – 1/2  tsp each
8.  Turmeric powder  - 1/4  tsp
9.  Salt  -  as required
10.  Curry and coriander leaves (cilantro) –  as needed

For Powder

1. urud dal – 1 tsp
2. channa dal – 1 tap
3. corriander seeds- 1 tsp
4. Red chillie  – 3
5. cinnamon stick -1
6. Cardamom – 1


1. Cook rice and allow it to cool. Separate grains.
2. Dry roast all the ingredients under For Powder and grind that into fine powder.
3. Heat little oil/ghee and add mustard seeds, curryleaves when it sputters add urud dal/channa  dal.
4. Add onion, tomato and capsicum and fry well for 3 mins.
5. Add turmeric and salt.
6. Add the cooked rice and mix all together. As a last step add the grinded powder. Mix well.
7. Garnish with cilantro. Serve with Raitha.


For Richness
You can garnish with Ghee fried Cashews or Roasted Peanuts .
Carrot and peas can be cooked separately and add to the rice to make it more colorful.

For different taste

While frying the Capsicum, add 1/2 teaspoon Tamarind Concentrate  or lemon juice drops for a different taste.

Just to share with you……

Hope you all know about beet root.  In villages grandma’s used to call this veggie as “Rattha kilangu”.  In my childhood I have seen many kids using this beetroot pieces to color their lips (lipstick) and having fun.Idon’t know how many kids are doing still?  I know about beetroot cutlet only after coming to US.  My brother’s friend’s Mom made this beetroot cutlet and my brother had this.  He like it.  From him only I know that we can make cutlet using Beetroot.  But she didn’t diclose the recipe when my brother asked so I searched web and found this recipe. Beetroot is wonderful,colorful veggie. Apart from cooking this vegetable you can also use beetroot to colour any other recipes if needed.  Grate little beetroot and squeeze the juice to add color to the recipe that calls for a color.

Beetroot Cutlet

Beetroot Cutlet




1.  Beetroot  -  1
2.  Beetroot size potato  -  1
3.  Onion small size  -  1 (finely chopped)
4.  Green chillies  -  3 (finely chopped)
5.  Grated ginger  -  1/4  tsp
6.  Red chilly powder  -  1/4  tsp
7.  Garam masala powder –  1/4 tsp
8.  Dhaniya powder – 1/4  tsp
9.  Salt- as needed
10.  Bread crums- as needed
11.  Maida/all purpose flour – little
12.  Oil- as needed


1.  Pressure cook beetroot and potato.   Peel skin from beetroot and potato.   Grate beetroot and potato .
2.  Heat 1 tbsp oil in a deep pan and add grated ginger , onion and green chilli.  Fry for few minutes untill onion is cooked and then add grated beets and potato.   Add all dry powders and salt.  Mix well and let this mixture cool.
3.  Now make small lemon sized balls.
4.  Mix all purpose flour in water to make a thin batter.  Spread bread crums on a plate.  Take the veggie ball  dip in flour batter and rollover in bread crums so that it gets coated on both sides  then flatten it and shallow fry this on a hot tawa.

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