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Just to Share with you…….

I don’t know to cook also how to eat crab for 25 years.   After my marriage we were in Bangalore and one of my brother (Mathi anna) was staying closely.   They used to cook crab and gave us.  Initially I found it very very difficult to eat the crab.  Then slowly I learnt it.  Now my 3 and 1/2 year old kid Yoksha is fond of eating crabs small legs. Whenever she sees crabs she will tell momy letz buy crab today.  Crab has some sweet taste in it.

My First Experience while cleaning the crab

After coming to US I thought of cooking crab.  We were in Merrifield  Apartments-Vienna, Virginia  that time.  H-Mart (korean shop) is close by and you can find live sea crabs there. They clean the fishes but not the crabs.  I bought live crabs one day and kept it freezer and we went out (for time pass).  After 4-5 hrs we came back and I thought of cooking crab for dinner.  I took out the cover from the freezer and I kept a medium size vessel filled with cold water for cleaning inside sink and I put the crabs inside.  Since the crabs didn’t show any reaction I thought crabs were dead.  I put my hand inside and started rinsing the crabs with hands.  All of the sudden all the crabs started moving and some was trying to jump out.  I screamed.  My husband came but he is also not ready to clean the crabs.  Suddenly I remembered that crabs will be dead if put in hot water for sometime.  I took a big pressurecooker and I somehow poured the water with crabs into the cooker and I covered with lid. After that my husband was not allowing  to buy live crabs for almost a year. We used to buy froxen king crabs.

Slowly after a very long time I started buying live crabs again.  Now I can say I am expert in cleaning.  Simply I used turn the hot water in tap  and keep the crabs in  a container under the running hot water for sometime.  All the crabs will be dead after sometime.


 Crab curry

crab curry




1.  Sea crabs – 4 or 5
2. Tomato  – 1 (finely chopped) (or tamarind extract 1 or  2tsp)
3. Onion – 1 (finely chopped)
4. Salt – as needed
5. Oil – 2 teaspoons (preferably coconut oil)

For Grinding

1.  Coriander seeds  -  1 tablespoon
2.  Cummin seeds  -  1 teaspoon
3.  Black peppercorns  - 1 teaspoon
4.  Garlic – 8 flakes
5.  Ginger – 1inch piece
6.  Green chillies –  6
7.  Coconut  - 1 cup (grated)(half portion of a medium-sized coconut)
8.  Turmeric powder –  ½ teaspoon


1.  Fry lightly the coriander seeds, cummin seeds and black peppercorns taking care not to brown them. Grind it along with ginger, garlic, green chillies, coconut, and turmeric powder to a smooth paste.
2.  Heat a flat-bottomed vessel and pour oil.  When it becomes smoking hot add the onions and saute till the onion edges turn brown here and there.
3.  Add the ground masala paste and salt. Fry for a minute.
4.  Add the tamarind extract or tomatoes at this stage and saute till the tomatoes are soft.
5.  Add the crabs and mix it well with the masala.
6.  Pour 2 cups water over the crabs  to just cover it.  Cover and cook over moderate heat till the crabs are cooked well and the gravy is thickish to your required consistency.
7. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with plain rice. Enjoy!


If you don’t know how to clean and you like  learn how to clean the crabs

Just to share with you…….

As soon as you saw the title as fried rice please don’t think of chinese style because we not not using soy sauce, oyster sauce etc added into it.  This is entirely different way of making egg fried rice.  This rice you can say as SPICY EGG RICE. This recipe I got from one of friends hubby.  His name is Siddeswar Ambarkar.  It can be made in 5 mins and tastes very good if you eat hot.  He prepared this once for get-together at his house.  If you have left over rice and no curries then you can try this.

1.  Cooked Basmathi Rice  - 1 cup
2.  Oil – 3 tsp
3.  Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, Bayleaves – 1 each
4.  Chopped onion  - 1 cup
5.  Chopped greenchilli  – 1
6.  Red chilli powder  - 1/4  or 1/2 tsp
7.  Coriander powder  - 1 tsp
8.  Turmeric powder  - 1/4 tsp
9.  Eggs -2
10.  Ginger-garlic paste  - 1/2 tsp
11.  Salt- as needed
12.  chopped coriander leaves for garnishing


1.  Take a wide pan.  Pour the oil and heat it.   Add cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and bay leaves.
2.  Add Chopped onion, greenchilli and fry.  Add ginger-garlic paste and fry well.
3.  Add chillipowder, corriander powder, turmeric powder and fry well.
4.  Add the eggs, salt and stir well. (add anytype of precooked meat pieces, shrimp etc. if you want)
5.  Add the rice and mix well and keep in stove for 5mins.  Keep mixing in regular intervals.
6.  Garnish the rice with corriander leaves.


1.  Any cooked rice can be used but the preferred one is cooked Basmathi rice.
2.  You can add fried chicken(chicken cut into small pieces marignated with little salt and chilly powder and fried in oil) to make this as a chicken fried rice.
3.  While making EGG FRIED RICE or CHICKEN FRIED RICE add the chicken gravy little bit if you have to which adds taste.
4.  If you add only Shrimp(Prawn) then it is SHRIMP FRIED can buy cooked shrimp, cook some mutton pieces etc (any non-veg into simple pieces and should bepre cooked) can be added to make a combination fried rice.  You can call  as COCKTAIL RICE  too.

Just to share with you…..

This coconut-mutton varuval is a hybrid my other two Mutton Recipes (Kara kari varuval and kari varuval). This  recipe is made cooking coconut pieces and mutton together so when you eat that mutton piece you feel a diferent taste.  This is my daughter’s favourite recipe. This is so simple and yummy.  Special about this varuval is hotness  from Green chilli and sweetness from coconut are blended well in mutton pieces since we pressure cook all these together.

  Coconut Mutton Varuval Main ingredients


Coconut goat Varuval


Coconut mutton varuval



1.  Mutton (goatmeat)  - 1/2 kg
2.  Fresh  coconut pieces – one handfull (make1/4 of one side of coconut into pieces)
3.  Chilli powder  - 1/4 tsp
4.  Corriander powder -  2 tsp
5.  Turmeric Powder -  1/4  tsp
6.  Salt     – as needed
7.  Medium size onion  -  1 (chopped)
8.  Tomato smallsize  -  2 (chopped)
9.  Green chilli   -  5 (deponding on spice level)

For Tempering

1.  Pattai (cinnamon)  - 1
2.  Kirambu(cloves)   -  3
3.  Oil
4.  Curry and corriander leaves


1.  Clean the mutton pieces.  Put the cleaned goat (mutton/ Kari) pieces in pressure cooker. Add coconut pieces, chopped green chilli, turmeric powder a pinch,  1/2 glass water and pressure cook for 5 or more whistles.
2.  Heat the pan.  Add 2 tsp of oil.   Heat it and then add pattai and cloves.   Add curry leaves.
3.  Now add the onion and tomato and fry well.
4.  Add chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder and fry well until everything is mixed and blended well.
5.  Now add content from pressure cooker and let it cook until all the water is evaporated and the curry becomes thick.
6.  Garnish with corriander leaves.


Don’t add too much of water while cooking mutton because while frying in tava it will take too much time. Whistle count may vary depending on your pressure cooker and also the tenderness of the meat.

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