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Just to share with you……..

This orati is a recipe made of plain rice flour which we get in Indian grocery.  This I learned from Rajesh anna’s wife Priya anni. I am not sure this recipe belongs to which area. This is very simple to make.  I can say this as aki roti/ rice roti but this is very thin and have to make like dosa size.  This goes very well with Mutton curry made using coconut milk which is a Nagerkovil recipe.  With that curry it tastes like Parotta.  I will post that mutton curry also.  This orati and Mutton milk curry is my hubby’s favourite. Whenever we used to go to my brother’s place we will ask for this  this. Simple and Delicious Recipe if served with mutton curry.

Orati Mavu

Orati mavu

Spreaded Mavu


How to put  in tava


Ready to Eat



1.  Rice flour – as needed
2.  Salt -as needed
3.  little oil


1.  Mix rice flour and salt.  Spinkle /Add little water and mix well and make like chappathi dough.
2.  Take some polythene sheet cut it into round shape. (You can use the shees of frozen vegetables cover if you don’t have plain polythene sheets)
3.  Apply little oil on the paper and spread along.
4.  Take a small ball size dough and keep pressing with hand on the paper and try to spread as thin as you can. (you can make thin like roast).
5.  Heat the dosa tava.  Apply little oil and put the paper on the tava with paper on the upper side.  With in few seconds you will be able to take out the paper since it will start coming out automatically.
6.  Cook both sides until it is done. It goes very well with Mutton curry.


While spreading the dough on the paper try tp spread the full space you can stretch little outside also.  By doing this while putting on tava you can avoid the paper getting burnt. If you leave the paper plain and if the  spreaded  size is less than paper size while putting upside down the plain paper will get heat directly and will start shrinking.

Just to share with you……..

Now we are going to see how to make gouthumai rotti.   Gouthumai is a tamil word for Wheat so in English we can call this as Wheat Rotti.  This rotti is not same as roti.  This is good for Diabetic patients.  My grandpa was diabetic patient so my granma used to make wheat recipe atleast one time a day.  The most common recipes she used to cook are Gouthama dosai and Gouthma rotti.  This is very simple recipe and good for health also.

Gothuma roti

Wheat rotti


1.  Wheat flour – 2 cups
2.  chopped onion – 1 cup ( more you add ,more it tastes)
3.  chopped green chilli – 2
4.  chopped curry leaves and corriander leaves – little
5.  oil and salt – as needed

Optional items

These are not necessary but if you want to can add these.   Pinch of turmeric powder  &  1/4 tsp of  chilli powder.   Also you can add chopped keerai’s like palak, thandang keerai, murungai keerai etc.


1.  Mix all the ingredients by adding very little water make like chapathi dough.
2.  Take butter paper or thick glossy paper.  Pour 1 tsp oil on it and spread it with your hand.
3.  Take a lemon sized ball of the dough and pat it on the paper with hand like roti. (See what we did for orati. Same method can be used).
4.  Then carefully place the prepared roti on the tawa and immediately remove the butter paper slowly. If you feel uncomfortable with it, then make thick rotis and take it on your palm and place it on the tawa.
5.  Cook well on both sides till golden brown. Rotti is Ready.

Instead of Wheat flour use Raggi flour/Ragi flour and make Ragi roti or Cholam to make chola rotti.

Just to share with you…..

I am from Madathukulam (coimbatore) in Tamilnadu. As for as I know Thanjavur is famous for its filter coffee as Mayiladuthurai is famous for its masal vadai, Kumbakonam is known for its ‘kothsu’, chetti Nadu [Which consists of Karaikudi,pudhukkottai,sivakangai] is famous for its paniyarams, app ams, chicken specials etc, Thirunelveli is famous for its ‘sothi kuzambu’ and Madurai is famous for its briyanis.  I really wish to bring out the specials of tamilnadu in this site so that each and every visitor could be benefitied from it.

Viruthombal is TamilNadu’s speciality.  Treating people with White rice, Mutton curry and payasam at home is a tradition   Most of our current food habits are not very healthy.  But if you follow our traditional food,  it contains excellent medical qualities to keep our body really fit.   The ginger, garlic and numerous ingredients of our food continuously helps to maintain good health.

Fish is one of the most favourite food of costal districts where all forms of fish are prepared with special flavour to treat the tongue.  But people which are not in coastal are like me can get only Dam fishes.  They way ot taste aother varieties of fish is in its dried form only that is what we call as “Karuvadu” (dreied fish).  Karuvattu (Dry fish) kulambu is the most special item which I am posting here.

When I was in my school days we have one neighbour (our family friend).  Her name is Agnes Mary and her huby is Adaikkalam.  Their native is Trichy.  Whenever she goes there she used to buy lots of Karuvadu (Dried fish stuffs like neimeen, nethili been).  Also she used to cook each karuvadu in a different way.  They are one who brought karuvadu recipe into my family.

My husband used to like nethli karuvattu kolumbu only.   Since in US  we are not getting Nethli I am using Anchovy and saddrines.


1.  Small dry fish(karuvadu)  -  (5-10 ), cleaned and washed
2.  Tamarind – big lemon size, soaked
3.  sesame oil or any oil  -  3 tsp
4.  CurryleavesCorriander powder  - 3 tsp
5.  C
hilli powder – 1 tsp (or more)
Turmeric powder  - 1/4 tsp


Bringal /indian egg plant  - 2 (chop lengthwise)
Mochaikottai/mochakottai  -  1 cup pressure cooked
Drumstick  -  4 or 5 small pieces

(All the three used will give you more taste and flavour  is you don’t have something then you leave that and add the others)

For Grinding

1.  Medium size Onion(chopped)  -  1  (3/4 th for grinding and 1/4 th for tempering)
2.  Garlic cloves  -  2
3.  Medium size Tomatoes  -  1( chopped )
4.  Sombu/ big zeera  -  1/2  tsp


1.  Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan.   Fry all the items listed in for Grinding.  Then grind it well into smooth paste.
2.  Heat 2 tsp of oil in pan.  Add mustard seeds and splutter.  Then add  curry leaves, 1/4 th onion and all the vegetables and also the dried fish.  Fry them all well.
3.  Add chilli powder, corriander powder  and turmeric powder.  Add little water and salt.  Let it cook.
.  Extract thick juice from the tamarind  and add that .
5.  Cook in medium heat atleast for 15 -20 mins.  Slow cook  add the taste.


If you are going to use dried mochakottai then soak it fo 8 hrs and then pressure cook.  If you using fresh mochai no need for pressure cooking.

If you are using the karuvadu brought in US then you have to add in the begining because it is taking more time to get cooked.   If you are going to use Karuvadu form India then those you can add that just 10 mins before switching off.

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