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Use of Residue after making ghee 

When making ghee from butter – do not throw away the residue after straining the ghee.   Add 2 cups of water to the residue.   Boil for a few minutes.   Strain it. Use this rich water for mixing your rotis or for your gravies.  Furthermore, the vessel used can be cleaned more easily.

To Prevent Milk From Spoiling

In summer to prevent milk from spoiling, boil once more in the evening, change the vessel, let it get cold , cover and keep in fridge.  If there are signs of spoiling – mix 1/4 tsp of soda with little milk and mix into the milk before boiling . It prevents Spoilage.  If it does spoil make paneer.

To Make Sprouts ( Payir Mulai kattuthal) 

To make sprouts – take whole green gram, soak overnight in water. Next morning wash well, drain off all water and keep covered in a vessel.  Sprinkle a little water in the night, cover again and keep overnight.  Next morning, long sprouts would have grown.  If you want longer sprouts – repeat procedure for one more day. Otherwise, wash well, remove skin which will float on top of the water and use fresh for salads or spring rolls.

 How to get Tandoori Color 

Tandoori colouring is 2 drops of red colouring and 3 drops of yellow food colouring – mix and brush over paneer, chicken etc to get tandoori orange colouring.

For Faster Fermentation  

Fermenting in cold weather is slow, so it is advisable to use an insulated box to help fermentation.  An electric lamp kept inside the box can help fasten fermentation.  Covering the vessel of batter of curds with a blanket also helps.

Substitution for baking powder  

Baking powder is 1/2 tsp baking soda and 1 1/4 cream of tartar.

Easy Peeling of Tomato

To peel tomatoes – cut across with a sharp knife on the eye of the tomatoes, pour boiling water to cover tomatoes, cover with a lid and keep for 5 – 10 minutes.  The skin of the tomatoes peel off easily when you pull it

How to make Curd Faster

To make curds in a hurry – take warm milk and put a tsp of curd culture and a whole green raw chilli with stalk in it.  Cover and keep aside in a warm place.   In 2 hours time , you have thick, tasty curds.

What is Kasoothi methi

 Kasoothi methi is dried methi leaves – it is available in almost all indian stores .   If put in curries, gives an unique flavour of its own.

Moor Milagai / Curd Milagai

Dried curds chilli is green chillies, which have been soaked in curds with salt and dried in the sun for a few days.  They can be bought at all south indian stores.

How to make Koya

To make khoa – Boil 1 to 1 1/2 litres of milk till very thick stirring all the time.   Stir till the mass of milk becomes absolutely dry.   Collect and keep in freezer.

How to make good amount of Cardamom Powder

To make a good amount of cardamom powder without having the headache of peeling each cardamom, take a good amount of cardamoms with skin intact.   Roast in a dry kadai for a few minutes.  When cold, powder with the skin into a fine powder in the mixie.   Store it in a jar.   Quite economic to use.

How to make Bread Crumbs  

Make bread crumbs by toasting bread either in the oven or letting it dry out on its own . Powder in mixie and bottle it.

How to make Paneer Spongy and soft

To make paneer spongy and soft – for paneer makkani, paneer tikka etc, shallow fry the whole slab of paneer in ghee on both sides – till golden in color. Remove from ghee and cut into cubes and put into warm water which has a little salt, turmeric and me juice in it.  The paneer can be kept in the fridge, in the water for a day. Just strain it and add to any dish.  Remains very soft.

Tips for cutting Jack fruit

To cut raw jack fruit – generously apply oil on hands, knife and cutting board.  Cut off the skin with the thorns and also the pit in the center.  The fleshy part is used for the biryani – cut into cubes and drop it in water – as it discolours fast. Wash well and use it.  Again after cutting -smear oil on hand, board, knife etc. and scrub with soap to clean everything.

Tips for making Biscuit Powder

To make biscuit powder (also for bread crumbs) put the biscuits into a plastic bag – put this bag into another plastic bag. Holding the mouth of the second plastic bag closed with the hand – pound with a pestle till all biscuits are powdered

How to Make Paneer

To make paneer – When milk is boiling add lime juice, curds or citric acid.   Enough to set the milk curdling.  When milk curdles completely – strain in a muslin cloth, tie it and let the cloth with the paneer hang from the kitchen tap.   Let all the water drain off for 5 minutes.  Remove cloth from a tap and keep under a weight – for the paneer to flatten and for all the water to drain off.  Keep for 1/2 hour. Remove paneer from cloth and freeze it.

To test if Cake is done or not

To test if a cake is done – insert a knitting needle into the baked cake – if it comes out clean – the cake is done.The same holds for dhoklas.

To get rid of Flies  or Mosquitos 

If you do not want to see flies or mosquitos in the house , put some salt in the water while cleaning the hard floor.

How to prevent Camphor from melting

If you put few pepper corn in camphor box it will not melt soon.

How to clean Glassware

You have to clean glassware with salt water first and then with clean water to make them spotless

How to keep nuts  fresh for longer time

If you put few cloves in the nuts(cashew,badam) jar they will stay fresh for longer time.

To get rid of bad smell from Spoons,Plates etc

If you want to get rid of the stingy smell from spoons, plates, pans etc then add some cooking soda to the cleaning water.

Vegetable cooking tips

You should not keep the lid if you are boiling vegetables like plantain, brijal, bottle gourd, pumpkin, cucumber, okra, ridge gourd, tindoora.

Frying tips

When making puris or vadas add little salt to the oil so that they would not absorb too much of oil

 How to get Fluffy Puris/ flyffy poori’s

Add sooji and rice flour to puri dough to get Fluffy puris.

Tips while making Birayani

While making biryani if you put some lime juice and milk , rice will not stick.

How to get Original tase from dries Ladoos
If laddoos become dry , mash and mix them with milk and make small balls again to get the original taste.

How to make big and thick Omlette

To make a big and thick omlette add a tsp of maida to egg and mix it well.

Cooker Gasket Tips

If Cooker gasket becomes loose put it in the freezer for sometime

 How to keep corriander leaves fresh for long time

Instead of keeping Coriander leaves in plastic bag if u put it in paper bag it will last long

How to retain vitamins while cooking leafy vegetables

While boiling leafy vegetables put some sugar in it to retain the vitamins.

To get rid of ants

If you see black ants in ur kitchen or some other place sprinkle some salt to get rid of them.

Instant Butter Milk

To make instant buttermilk add some lime juice and salt to the milk.

To avoid tears while cutting onions

To avoid tears while cutting onions put them in water for 30mins before cutting.

 To control pests

To control pests in rice and dals add few red chillies to it.

How to get rid of bad smell from hands after washing fish

After cleaning the fish wash your hands with sour butter milk to get rid of the smell.

To remove ink from  clothes

To remove the ink marks from clothes, rub them with tooth paste and keep them aside for some time and wash with detergent.

 Recipe from left over Rice

Mix wheat flour, salt, chilli powder and onion with the leftover rice and flatten them with your hand and deep fry them. Tasty snack is ready.

Variation of left over Rasam

To the leftover rasam add a teaspoon of gram flour to get a different taste.

To Cook meat faster

To make the meat cook faster,  add a mango leaf to the meat.

To keep Coconut Fresh

If you want to keep the coconut fresh then put it in salt water and keep changing the water every 2 days.

For Bee Sting

For bee sting put tarmarind on sting pain subsides almost immediately.
If you are stung by a bee and have a rash then cut onion in the middle and apply it on the rash to reduce the pain.

To Reduce Black Marks on body

To reduce the black marks on the body eat tamarind with jeera everyday.

For Knee Pain

For Knee pain, grind onion with mustard and massage with it on the knees.

Allergy for Medication

If you have allergy because of medication or food then eat 1 teaspoon of jeera.

To avoid contisipation

If kids have consipation problem give them 1-3 teaspoons(According to their age) of honey mixed with water everyday.
Take prune juice is you can get it.

To reduce Pimples or black marks

Mix corriander juice with lemon juice and apply it on your face to reduce pimples and black marks.

Just to share with you……

This is a famous dish of North India. It is a good colorful combination too. Kids will love this a lot since the pieces in this are dry and of eatable bite size. Aloo is Hindi word for Potato, Gobi is for Cauliflower and Mutter is nothing but our peas. If we say in tamil it is a combination of uralakilanzhu, poo (cauliflower) and pattani. This is a dry curry and it can be eaten as side dish or poriyal with Rice. You can eat this with Rotis / Chappathi’s too.This could be the best dry curry for Potluck. Though itz not a southIndian recipe/dish but now -a -days itz been cooked in almost all south Indian kitchen. Try this and enjoy if you haven’t tried before.



1. Cauliflower – 1/2 cup (small florets)
2. Potatoes cubed – 1/2 cup
3. Peas (frozen or fresh) – 1/4 cup
4. Green Chillies – 2 slit (according to taste)
5. Turmeric Powder – 1/4 tsp
6. Coriander Powder – 1 tsp
7. Red Chilli Powder – 1/2 tsp
8. Sliced Ginger – 1 tsp
9. Salt to taste
10. Garam Masala Powder – 3/4 tsp
11. Lime Juice – 1 tsp
12. Oil – 2 to 3 tsp
13. Mustard seeds
14. Cumin seeds
15. Curry leaves
16. Coriander leaves for garnishing


1. Heat Oil in a pan and season with mustard, cumin, curry leaves.
2. Add Potato Pieces and fry for 3 minutes in medium flame.
3. Then goes cauliflower pieces, peas, slit green chillies, turmeric powder, coriander Powder, red chilli powder and salt. Mix well and cook for 5 to 10 minutes.
4. When potatoes and flower are completely cooked, add Garam Masala powder and Ginger slices and cook for a minute.
5. Switch off and mix Lemon juice and garnish with Coriander leaves.


IF you want this as a lit bit gravy kind then add little onion and tomato pieces and fry before adding vegetables.

Just to Share with you ……

Arbi or sometimes called as Arvi is the Taro root vegetable. It is extensively used in south Asia. In the Indian state of kerala, it is widely used as a main staple or a side dish or as part of other dishes. In Gujarat, the leaves of Arbi is used to prepare another popular dish called “Patra” which consists of tamarind and other spices. In TamilNadu, it is called as seppankizhangu which is usually a dry roasted side dish.
It is cooked just like a potato but it’s skin is not edible. After peeling it’s skin, the vegetable could be used in a variety of ways to prepare dishes.The Arbi fry were crispy outside and soft and melt-in-your-mouth inside .Today, I will share my version of arbi which is kind of south Indian style .

Arby Fry / Seppakizhangu Fry

Arby / Seppankizhangu Fry



1. Arby
2. Turmeric powder
3. Red Chilli Powder
4. Salt
5. Oil for roasting may be 2 to 3 tsp


1. Pressure cook arbi with little salt in water until just done and not too mushy.  Remove it’s skin, cut into big round pieces and keep it aside.
2. Heat the oil in kadai.
3. Put the Arby pieces and add turmeric, redchilli powder and salt acoording to taste.
4. Keep in low or medium flame and cook until the outer sides becomes crispy and golden brown.


Peel the arby’s skin with knife and cut into round slices.  Put in Microwave safe bowl and add little water and salt.  Microwave it for 2 -3 mins until 75% is cooked. Then proceed with Step 2 and as follows.

Just to share with you ….

This is simple and mouth watering Fish /Meen kolumbu . The Same method can be followed for any type of fish. Meen Kolumbu is very famous dish.  We have lots of tamil songs which depicts the taste of meen kolumbu (say nathu vachha meen kolumbu yenna illukkuthu etc). Yep always the old meen kolumbu tastes more since the fish pieces are soaked in puli . Usually my grandma will make in huge quanties and keep the kolumbu for 2 to 3 days.  The flavor of the meen kolumbu will remail in whole samayal arai which tell others that u made meen kolumbu which is its speciality.

Meen Kolumbu


1. Fish – 1 kg
2. Onion – 1/2 chopped
3. Green chillies -2 slitted
4. Curry and coriander leaves
5. Sesame Oil (is best if you don’t have u can use any ) as need for saurting
6. Tamarind – small ball size
7. Red chilli powder -2 tsp
8. coriander powder – 5 tsp
9. Little turmeric powder

For Tampering

little fenugreek seeds, whole pepper corns and sombu

For grinding

1. Onion -1 (if you have small onions/red shallots/chinna venkayam then take that equivalent to big onion/periya venkayam/ballari venkayam)
2. Corriander seeds -3 tsp
3. Jeera – 1/2 tsp
4. Red chillies -2 and green chilli -1
5. Tomato small size -1
6. Grated coconut -2 tsp
7. Sombu- 1/4 tsp
8. Garlic cloves -8-10
8. Whole pepper corns – ½ tsp
9. Oil as needed for frying above ingredients.


1. Fry well all the ingredients For Grinding and grind that well.
2. Pour oil in Kadai. Add the items under tempering and then add curry leaves.
3. Add chopped onions , green chillies (optional).
4. Then add the grinded masala and let it fry for some time.
5. In the mean time soak the tamarind in water and get the thick extract. Add Red chilli powder, coriander powder ,turmeric powder and salt. This itself will look like kolumbu.
6. Now pour this in kadai. Cover it with lid and let it be in fire for minimum of half an hour in medium fire. Then open the lid and check the color and consistency and also the oil should float on the top. If not then keep it for some more time.
7. Finally add fish pieces and let it bil for 5 mins and switch off. Fish kolumbu is ready.


After putting the fish pieces don’t keep in stove for more mins .If so the pieces will get mashed and you won’t be able to take out pieces from gravy

Prepare Kolumbu a day ahead to feel the real taste.

Heads and tails you can use for kolumbu and the remaining pieces for frying.

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