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Welcome to my blog!  I am Dhanalakshmi Edaichamy.  My nick name is Anitha.   My home town is Madathukulam (close to Palani famous for Lord Muruga temple).   It is a beautiful small town with all the facilities and a lots of agricultural land.  My Best half  is Muruganantham Mani and we are blessed with a smart angels  Yoksha and Yonisha.

Muruga and Me

What is special in this Site?

Anthelme Brillat-Savarin has rightly said

“The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star”. 

Huh? Why one more blog?   There are already so many lovely cooks out there, cooking food the way their ammas and grandma’s taught, and even many sites, so why one more you can ask? Hold oooooon!! Its an attempt to consolidate regional recipes.   Also I categorized vegetable based recipes.   So if you have some vegetable just going under that vegetable category  you can decide what  to cook.

Say for example If you have only cabbage at home and you want to try something new with the cabbage then simply look under cabbage and try out the recipe.

I am from southern part of India, Tamilnadu  so you can find mostly  Tamilar Recipes  along with few other cuisines.

Since I am from Coimbatore region and my husband is from Salem region my dishes are both Coimbatore and Salem based.  Whatever I learnt, I tried and liked  I am posting and going to post here.   My cooking doesn’t have any hard and fast rules.  Most of the time I like simplifying the way of cooking without comprimising the taste.

Why did I create this website?

I have created this website so that I can share my recipes with people around the world.     Also, it is a nice way of keeping a recipe repository.   You will find personal comments attached to some of the recipes, which I thought was a nice way of acknowledging what I have learnt from other people and also what I value.

Sometimes I use to forget the recipes which I didn’t cook for longtime.  So this site helps to handle those situations.

The Indian Recipes part of the website is in no way a “one-stop” for all Indian recipes.   I will be constantly updating and adding new recipes and the collection is bound to grow.

Who is this website intended for?

I hope people from all over the world can try my recipes.  Always I want things to be simple.  So you can find lot of simple and easy recipes here in this blog.  My receipes comes mostly straight way from my Kitchen/ My Samayal Arai.  This site will be very helpful for beginners who does not know anything in cooking or people who just started cooking and/or for Bachelors and even some experts in other cuisines. It is common for all the people since this site covers all types of recipes.  Most of the recipes listed here are pure South Indian Recipes  especially Tamil Nadu Recipes.  This site got lots of tips/samayal kurippu too.

since I am afrom Coimbatore (kovai also called Kongu area) all my recipes will reflect the Coimbatore recipe( Kovai recipe, Kongu recipe).  In our style I can say its Coimbatore Samayal (Kovai samayal, Kongu Samayal)

I love kids a lot. I want to do something for them  so I have added recipes for kids which I can say  you can find   kids recipekids meal, kids special, children’s food, Children’s recipe,  Kids samayal  which ever is applicable under a separate category.

Keep visiting,  write your comments which I greatly appreciate and value it.  Keep cooking!!!

- Anitha

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